giovedì 26 aprile 2012

T House

T House is a highly industrialized and standardized system, that explores new possibilities and diversities of space design and technological application. Focusing on small houses has become one of the recent trends in housing design. Our concept of small, means small ecological footprint and small building area rather than small space for life.

T_House could help citizens groups strategize and carry out a plan to stop the urban sprawl and reuse the abandoned sites. They are useful to convert already developed area without one more square meter of soil be sealed.

In a small size we give a maximum in term of energy efficiency, building systems, LCA and sustainability and thus clarify how we use industrialization and standardization solutions. Despite its small footprint, a careful design made the house seem open and spacious. The skilfulness of the carpenters and attention to detail in every aspect of the homes assures the best result.